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Code of Christian Ethics

As a Christian, your first responsibility is to your Lord. In all areas of your life, you are to be an example to the students, other employees, and people outside the school. At all times you are a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. The standard of performance of JRS/CDCA employees is as revealed in Holy Scripture and you are never to dishonor His name by doing less than your best in and out of school. Only as you are faithful in prayer, quiet times and Bible study can you build young lives who will live and honor the Lord.

We make this statement in a sincere attempt to implement a “life of love” (Ephesians 5:2) in daily operations at JRS/CDCA.


Be aware of yourself as an example to your students. If you are a teacher, give yourself to faithful preparation for your classes. All employees must be prompt for class, devotionals, and appointments/meetings. You are effective in teaching and/or influencing young people if you lead by example.

Whether your position is that of Administrator, teacher, janitor, secretary, volunteer, cook, etc., you are a member of a professional body involved directly or indirectly with the education of young people attending JRS/CDCA and have a responsibility for the soundness of that body. Each of you must adopt a method of praying consistently for each other. As you uphold each other in daily intercession, you will find that you are strengthening each other.

The health of the body also depends on each of you encouraging, counseling, and admonishing each other (1 Cor. 12). All people will make mistakes and when they do, they are many times painfully aware of the error. In many cases however, the Christian can be blind to such things. If you are aware that a brother or sister is habitually making mistakes, you have a clear biblical mandate to go to him/her with a loving spirit and discuss the matter with him/her. If your brother/sister does not listen, take another colleague with you or ask the Administrator for counsel. The concern and counsel of a fellow Christian, when given in love, can help someone through difficult times and restore him/her to the fellowship of the Lord.

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