Daryl Oliver is a native Trinidadian who was raised on the East Coast. Born with a love for teaching, he pursued a degree in Elementary Education. After graduating from Oakwood University with his bachelor’s degree, Mr. Oliver relocated to California. He taught at a U.S. border school for several years, and executed administrative duties on a team of Vice Principals while working towards obtaining his master's degree in Education (Administration and Leadership) at La Sierra University. It was there his love and passion for educating the masses was deepened as he witnessed his students’ unrelenting tenacity towards reaching their educational goals. 

Though he enjoyed his time in California, a decision was made to move closer to family. As such, he accepted a position with KLA Schools as an elementary and middle grades teacher. He was also instrumental in starting the school’s STEM education program with his students. 

As a firm believer that all children can learn when placed in the right environment, he hopes to bring his passion for education to JRSCDCA to greater enhance the vision, mission, and goals of the Director. 
When not engaged in teaching and learning, Mr. Oliver enjoys writing and composing music, traveling, and spending time with his family.