Ms. Jasmine Loeb


My name is Jasmine Loeb and this is my 3rd year at JRSCDCA, and my second year teaching here. I began as the Reading Intervention Coach and a year later I was promoted to second and third grade Reading and Writing teacher. This year I am blessed to be the third-grade teacher.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. I have taught 9th / 10th  Grade Home Economics. This my 5th year as a teacher. While I enjoy teaching high school students, I found some were missing the basic skills in reading. This led me to early education. If I can make a difference where reading skills start, I could help students from going to middle or high school unprepared. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family.  

I have a set of toddler twins, who enjoy calling my name 30 times in 2 minutes. (I know this to be accurate because I have timed it before.) 

My favorite Bible character is Joseph. After everything he had been through, he never stopped being faithful to God. As a result of this, God blessed him tremendously. It reminds me to stay faithful, no matter what my circumstances are and God will do the same for me. My goal as a teacher is to not only equip my students with everything they need to be successful in the third grade, but to also to teach them to have faith and know that God will always be with them in their best moments, as well as their worst.  


Education: Bachelor's of Science           

                    Alabama A&M University 



ACSI certified 10/19/19- 10/19/21 


Email: Jloeb@fmbc.org